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Italians in New Zealand to learn letterpress!

Monday, July 9th, 2012


The letterpress workshops at GTO Printers have proved to be very popular, with seven run so far this year. I was contacted in late June by two people from Italy who had learned of them, and were very keen to participate in one before they returned home. With a bit of juggling I set up an extra workshop for July 7, and soon had two more folk signed up to make a quad! Continue reading...

A New Press Arrives at the Masterton Printing Company

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012


In 1966, the first year of my apprenticeship at the MPC, the old press (I think it might have been a Mehlie cylinder, maybe someone can tell me) was removed to make way for a brand new Heidelberg cylinder press, a rather large one! It arrived in half a dozen wooden crates along with an engineer who was to assemble it. It was a two week job unpacking it in the paper storeroom, which was along the back alley separate from the print shop, then moving it into the print shop, and assembling and testing it. For some reason I decided to take my instamatic camera to work one day and took these photos. Continue reading...