Printing Rates

Because nearly every print job is a custom job and requires its own pricing, we do not have a standard set of prices. The type of paper, the number of colours and mixes, whether we have film made out or use our computer-to-film system, and a host of other variables dictate how we will cost the job. Our pricing is based on a $60+GST hourly rate.

Contact us for a free quote. If you request a price, please be aware that without sighting artwork we can only give an estimate. 

Requesting a Quote

We will need the following information for an initial pricing.

  • How many do you require?
  • What will be the finished size?
  • How many colours to be printed?
  • Are you supplying your own artwork?

Custom Design

We can prepare basic wedding, business and personal stationery, but recommend that you consider using professional designers/graphic artists if finance allows. We can recommend designers that know the requirements of our processes.

Submitting your Own Files

If you wish to supply your own design files for printing then please set your files up to the below specifications.

  • Text at a minimum size of 8pt
  • All lines/strokes greater than .25pt wide
  • Convert everything to outlines/paths
  • Make everything 100% black CMYK
  • Supply us the PMS Uncoated spot colour number/s (inks are hand mixed)
  • Supply files as print-ready PDFs with crop marks, separated for each colour to be printed
  • Supply a colour composite PDF for positioning reference and colour guide

Please Note

  • Letterpress works best for text and line work. Vector based files, designs created in Illustrator and InDesign, Corel Draw, Xara, and Acorn Artworks work best.
  • Photoshop images have pixelated edges and are not always 100% black so do not give satisfactory results.
  • Large areas of solid colour can be a struggle to achieve acceptable results.


We can provide you with an estimate if you supply a few details, as shown below.


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